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Electrified table cloth

Issued: April 28, 1992

We are all a bit frustrated and maybe a little scared when it comes to insects. Especially if they are persistently trying to interfere with our food. We buy insect repellents, insect catchers, hide our drinks, and we live on. Well this are apparently too soft and not really efficient methods to use on a battlefield of never-ending war between insects and men. Maybe we should just… Electrify them a little?!

 Electrified table cloth is an electrical insect eradication device, consisting of electrified table cloth with insect repelling strips. The strips of electrical conductive material are spaced apart sufficiently to normally prevent completion of a circuit across the strips and for completion of a circuit across said strips through an insert’s body as the insect attempts to traverse the strips when crawling acorss the edge of the cloth. The current passing through the insect’s body is sufficient to produce a sensation which will discourage further travel across the edge of the cloth. Electrical current in the device can’t harm people, there is also no problem if the device comes in touch with water.


Patent Number: US 6637447 B2

Issued: October 28 2003

If you are beer lover, then one thing beside ofcours ice cold beer, that could bring smile on your face is probably Beerbrella.

Beerbrella is-you guessed it-umbrella attached to your beer bottle that protects your beer from rays of sun and drops of rain. ”The umbrella may be attached to the beverage container by any one of a number of means, including clip, Strap, cup, foam insulator, or as a coaster or the like. The umbrella shaft may be provided with a pivot to allow the umbrella to be suitably angled to shield the Sun or for aesthetic purposes.” [1]You can even put quotes, logos on your umbrella.

In case we could actually buy this invention, there would be no more questioning  to ” beer or not to beer” with this invention one could enjoy beer in any weather and any time.  It seems that an idea just stayed an idea  as inventor, who  happens to be a retired patent attorney explained: ”I wanted to be able to use the patent (and the prosecution history) as a way of illustrating, to clients, how the process works, how you draft an application, what the parts are, and so forth. I could not do that with my client’s patents, as any comments I might make about the prosecution or claims could affect the validity of the patent later on (if litigated, my comments could be used against me in a deposition, for example).”

Bell received many inquiries about the Beerbella, some from entrepreneurs who suggested they wanted to make it. None did. The patent has long since expired, and the concept is now in the public domain.[2]

Forehead support apparatus

Patent No.: US 6,681,419 B1

Issued: Jan 27, 2004

Talking about beer. Wel,l I honestly  have no idea how someone would actually thought about inventing urinal headrest placed  against a wall above a bathroom commode or urinal, except when really drunk. However, it turns out it can be usefull for people with certain physical conditon.

A user may place his forehead and restfully lean there, while using a urinal or commode. Those who are tired and weary and find themselves in need of using a urinal or a commode may find the time required to stand in an upright position excessively long and burdensome. At present, the only option for in any way relieving the Stress and tension of a tired or depleted body is to simply place the forehead against the wall onto which the urinal or commode is positioned or attached. Device, which is swively adjustable and lockable in various angular orientations with respect to the wall, provides a hand support position for the dirty hands. In one embodiment, disposable sheets are provided So that a Sub Sequent user will have a clean Surface against which to place one of another set of dirty hands. ”The present invention provides an answer to those users of urinals and commodes which find the duration of the event onerous, possibly made worse by a tired or Somewhat incapacitated physical condition. Such a user of a urinal or commode will simply place his forehead against the compressible surface provided by the apparatus to effect a more comfortable inwardly leaning orientation with respect to the commode or urinal.”[3]

Method of concealing partial baldness

In 1977 father and son team Frank and Donald Smith of Orlando, Florida spent a lot of money to patent a way to comb hair. ”Method of concealing partial baldness”  is a hair styling method that usesonly the hair on a person’s head. It is obligatory to have at least some hair, otherwise the method won’t work. 😛

The hair styling requires dividing a person’s hair into three sections and carefully folding one section over another. Simple.  One must separate the hair on the head into several substantially equal sections, taking the hair on one section and placing it over the bald area, then taking the hair on another section and placing it over the first section, and finally taking the hair on the remaining sections and placing it over the other sections whereby the bald area will be completely covered. If this description is’t explanatory enough, watch step by step pictures below.

Patent has won an Ig Noble Prize for its sheer absurdity

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